National Convention on

Innovations in Green Highways

07 November to 09 November

Background Note

Convention Key Action Points

Program Schedule

Draft Proceedings


Backdrop and Rationale

National Green Highways Mission (NGHM) has been established by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) under National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) with a vision to develop green corridors along the national highways for sustainable environment and inclusive growth. NGHM has been entrusted with the task of planning, implementation and monitoring roadside plantations along one lakh kilometer network of national highways. To conduct this task effectively, NGHM needs to adapt learnings from other parts of the world and contextualize; undertake new research; test innovations and implement successful innovations at large scale. To meet this requirement, it is proposed to establish a knowledge center “Centre for Innovations in Green Pathways” under NGHM. This centre will serve as a platform to undertake research, innovations, trainings, capacity building programs and advocacy in the field of green pathways.

In view of this, NGHM is organizing a three days National Convention on Innovations in Green Highways to develop detailed roadmap and framework for establishing the proposed centre. The aim is to find innovative solutions, promote and institutionalize innovative interventions in green highways and identify training and capacity building requirements for green highways project stakeholders.

The Convention will include: technical sessions, special parallel sessions and a session on training need analysis. The technical and special parallel sessions will have presentations and panel discussions on following issues in the context of green highways: Global trends in greening of highways; Research need analysis; Applications of advance and appropriate technologies; Information technology as advance management tool; Livelihood and entrepreneurship development; Carbon sequestration and carbon credits; Plantation as tool for road safety measures; CSR, PPP and financing for sustainability; Wildlife corridors; and Scope of bamboo plantations. In addition to this, a full day session on training need analysis will be conducted to identify and chalk out plan for training and capacity building of various green highways project stakeholders especially: staff of NGHM, NHAI and partner agencies.

Objectives of the Convention
  1. Collect and collate new information, innovations and research across national and global levels in the areas of green pathways.
  2. Identify and analyse research, trainings and capacity building requirement for all the project stakeholders.
  3. Develop roadmap and framework for establishing centre for innovations in green pathways.
  4. Establish networking, effective linkages and convergence with national and international organizations endorsing similar initiatives.

Expected outcomes
  1. Documentation of innovations and research in the field of green corridors / pathways.
  2. Capacity Building Training Modules for plantation managers, NGHM staffs and NGHM plantation partner agencies.
  3. Road map for establishing centre for innovations in green pathways.

Envisaged Outputs
  1. Research Plan for Innovations in Green Pathways.
  2. Framework for the centre of Innovations in Green Pathways.
  3. Draft MoU for collaboration with concerned organisations.

Envisaged Outputs
  1. Global trends in green highways.
  2. Recent researches and innovations in green highways.
  3. Accruing carbon credits through green highways plantations.
  4. Assessing biodiversity index of green highways plantations.
  5. New technologies in green highways plantations.
  6. Plantations as a tool for road safety.
  7. Scope of roadside bamboo plantations.
  8. Operational models to involve communities for livelihood and entrepreneurship.
  9. Use of renewable energy in green pathways.
  10. Wild life corridors along national highways / pathways.

  1. Presentation of invited Lead Papers.
  2. Presentation of selected research papers.
  3. Panel discussions.
  4. Focus Group Discussions.
  5. Special Parallel sessions (on Bamboo in GHs; Renewable Energy in GHs; Wildlife Corridors along NHs)

Tentative list of organisations to participate in the workshop
  1. National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)
  2. National Green Highways Mission (NGHM)
  3. Specialised organisations who can contribute to innovations in GHs (IITs, IIMs, ICFRE, FSI, NID, Forest Departments, IIFM, IIPM, NEERI, TERI, INBAR etc)
  4. Selected universities / research institute / organisations working in the area of forestry, biodiversity, environment and natural resourcesetc.
  5. MoEF CC, GoI, New Delhi
  6. National Bamboo Mission, New Delhi
  7. Paper mills working in the field of plantations
  8. NGOs, Experts, Researchers & Entrepreneurs working in the area of green pathways

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