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Registration Form For Plantation Agency

Relevant Plantation/ Transplantation/ Landscaping Experience** (please mention total project cost)

Team Composition (Details of team leader, team supervisor/ members)***

Any other expertise (Availability of Transplantation machinery etc)

PDF Files Only
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Documents to be enclosed along with application:
  1. Please enclose certification of registration and other relevant document such as MoA, AoA and Income Tax return of last financial year. CBOs/LSGs are only required to submit registration document along with accreditation from Collector/ Forest Department/ Horticulture Department or RO NHAI/MoRTH)
  2. Please enclose relevant document for verification such as Work Order, Work Completion and photographs of plantation site
  3. Detailed CV of Team Leader, Team Supervisor and other members along with relevant experience and education qualification documents
  4. Affidavit on Rs.10 stamp paper duly notarized certifying that all the information submitted by the agency is true to best of his/her knowledge.
  5. Complete application form along with covering letter on the letterhead of the agency can be submitted a PIU/RO/ NGHM Headquarters. Application can also be send through Email or by Speed Post.
  6. A non-refundable processing fee of
    • Rs. 2500/- in case of companies and proprietorship firm,
    • Rs.100/- in the case of SHGs / JLGs/ Watershed Committees; and JFMCs
    • Rs. 500/- for all other eligible agencies (NGOs, Cooperative, Registered Society)
    • Details of Demand Draft will be shared in coming days. For the time being Documents without Demand Draft can be submitted.
Note 1: CBOs/ LSGs are not required to submit work experience certificate
Note 2: Please read Guidelines for GHP 2015 and EoI for Empanelment of plantation agencies before submitting this form.
Note 3: Please send the hard copy of Affidavit at National Green Highways Mission, NHAI Extension Building, Sector-19,               Dwarka, New Delhi- 110075. Status will be updated only after receiving the aforesaid documents.
Note 4: Please address your Affidavit to " National Highways Authority of India - Green Highways Division ".